The Subversion of Science by Charlatans

[5/15/2014 - work in progress]
[5/30/2014 - site is still a work in progress. I just added a feedburner box on the right so you can receive an email about updates to the site.]

There are many ways that the modern economy is rigged to concentrate wealth, to make a few people rich and many people poor. This website simply points out that “Wall Street” uses “bad science” to steal from us too.

A handful of Wall Street’s most profitable products are actually fundamentally defective.  We are told to buy and use these products because ‘Big Business’ can’t both sell products which are made properly, and still pay dividends to their shareholders.

A few charlatans and basic human psychology is all it takes to perpetuate a wrong idea.

These are two areas where conventional wisdom is unarguably 100% exactly wrong:

  • The “Seed Oil Swindle” refers to the food industry’s replacements for evolutionarily-appropriate fats and oils. The Obesity epidemic is one manifestation of the wrongness of using industrial products as food. Humanity’s traditional fat sources were butter, tallow & lard, while “Vegetable Oil” was traditionally used to preserve wood (as oil-based paints and stains).
  • The mass use of drug industry’s xeno-hormones to suppress the normal cyclical nature of the hormone system. While worth an experiment, this practice can no longer be justified. It’s not nice to think that women are routinely pimped out to industry for being women, but when the advances in science are contrasted with the standard treatment that women receive from Industry, no other conclusion can be made.

Many people will argue in support of the status quo because they believe that we are not actually being ‘Swindled and Pimped’. Society usually has good reason for doing things the way it does. But after considering the evidence, we hope you will agree that it is time to finally shine lights on the thieves in our midst.

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