The Subversion of Science by Charlatans

There are many ways that the modern economy is rigged to concentrate wealth, to make a few people rich and many people poor. This website simply points out that “Wall Street” uses “bad science” to steal from us too.

Several of Wall Street’s most profitable products are actually fundamentally defective.  We are told to buy and use these products because ‘Big Business’ can’t sell products which are made properly and still pay dividends to their shareholders.

A few charlatan-cheerleaders (financed with Wall Street’s money) and basic human psychology are all it takes to perpetuate wrong ideas.

These are two areas where conventional practices are unarguably 100% exactly-wrong:

  • The root cause of the obesity epidemic is the mass consumption of Wall Street’s imitation-foods, which are substitutes for humanity’s evolutionarily-appropriate cuisine.

    The most obesogenic of Wall Street’s products are the “Vegetable Oils”. Before science figured out how to solidify these oils with hydrogenation, and deodorize rancid vegetable oil (so that consumers wouldn’t realize the product is actually poisonous), the drying oils were prized by humanity for their ability to preserve wood and add color to artists’ canvases.

    When the paint industry figured out how to make stain and paint from petroleum, Wall Street’s seed-oil merchants switched to selling their seeds and oils to the newly-industrialized meat industry (for feedlots) and to humans as “cooking oil” and margarine.

    The Obesity epidemic is only one manifestation of the wrongness of using industrial products as food. Everyone who consumes anything made with Wall Street’s “Vegetable Oils” is a victim of this scam, regardless of their weight.


  • Women’s unique health concerns are seen by Wall Street as opportunities for obscene profit.

    The most obvious of Big Business’ profiteering are the so-called “emergency contraceptive” pills, where Wall Street sells 1.5-cents of active ingredients for $50.

    The development of the birth control pills started with good intentions. Science now knows enough to make this approach to fertility-management obsolete. But Wall Street has FDA-approved pills to sell and dividends to pay. It’s cheaper to settle lawsuits than give up the business.

    The politicians’ bipartisan good-cop/bad-cop marketing campaign has also been very effective at herding women into Wall Street’s profit machine.


Many people will argue in support of the status quo because they believe that we are not actually being ‘Swindled and Pimped’. Society usually has good reasons for doing things the way it does. But after considering the evidence, I hope you will agree that it is time to finally shine lights on the thieves in our midst.

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