The Subversion of Science by Charlatans

There are many ways that the modern economy is rigged to concentrate wealth, to make a few people rich and many people poor. This website simply points out that “Wall Street” uses “bad science” to steal from us too.

Many products sold today are actually fundamentally defective.  We are told to buy and use these products because ‘Big Business’ can’t sell products which are made properly and still pay dividends to their shareholders.

A few charlatan-cheerleaders (financed with Wall Street’s money) and basic human psychology are all it takes to perpetuate wrong ideas.

These are two areas where conventional practices are unarguably 100% exactly-wrong:

  • The proximal cause of the obesity epidemic is the contamination of the food supply with industrial seed oils and the mass consumption of imitation-foods. These highly profitable poisons are Wall Street’s substitutes for humanity’s evolutionarily-appropriate cuisine.The ubiquitous use of polyunsaturated seed oils as an ingredient in many of Wall Street’s food products is justified with a grotesque perversion of the actual findings of Science. The obesity epidemic would be ended by shifting 100% of the agriculture industry’s output of vegetable oil to the production of Biodiesel.


  • Women’s unique health concerns are seen by Wall Street as opportunities for obscene profit. The development of the ‘hormonal’ birth control (so-called) started with good intentions. Science’s understanding of the steroid system has advanced since the 1950’s, and real Scientists now know that the fake-hormones used as ‘birth control’ cannot improve women’s health. But Wall Street has FDA-approved pills to sell and investors’ dividends to pay. The drugs are reasonably-effective at suppressing women’s fertility, but are defective if women’s complete health profile is taken into consideration too.Apologists for the hormonal birth control peddlers acknowledge that these drugs have potent side effects. The thinking seems to be “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”: while women are still maimed and killed by prescription birth control, it’s more important that the women who (probably) won’t be killed right away are able to use these drugs to keep babies away.The most blatant of Big Drug’s ‘hormonal’ rip-offs are the so-called “emergency contraceptive” pills, where profiteers sell women 1.5-cents of active ingredients for $50.

    WOMEN’S HEALTH: A Modern Tragedy

The term legacy system refers to obsolete computer systems that are still in use, even though better technology now exists. Legacy systems are used because it’s cheaper to use old systems than to design, build and test replacements that work better.

There is no reason to keep Wall Street’s defective legacy businesses around. Every moment spent on Wall Street’s swindles is a moment that could be better spent helping people improve their lives. When leadership is applied to these aspects of modern life, a transformation of these industries – from rent-seeking to life-promotion – will rapidly take place.

Many people will argue in support of the status quo because they believe that we are not actually being ‘Swindled and Pimped’. Society usually has good reasons for doing things the way it does. But after considering the evidence, I hope you will agree that we’ve been led astray. While it may take a few more decades for society-at-large to correct these mistakes, the obvious first steps to improve your own health are easy to take.

-James Knochel

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