The Bipartisan Good-cop/Bad-cop Drug Marketing Campaign

When the Obamacare birth control brouhaha was raging in 2011/2012, the casual observer might have thought that the Democrats wanted women to be able to use the latest techniques to improve their health, while the Republicans wanted women to be ‘barefoot and pregnant’.

What I observed was a classic example of a “good cop/bad cop” routine.

The conventional view of the past few years of Democrat/Republican dialogue is that the Democrats are all about using modern-day “scientific” (lol) treatments for women. Papa Obama says that since women are probably going to require $100/month birth control prescriptions for the rest of their pre-menopausal lives, insurance ought to be required to pay for it.

When I consider the political dialogue, it seems obvious that Republican agree in theory with the Democrats that women’s gender is their disease, and that nearly half the population should be on maintenance doses of drugs which chemically-castrate their users. They just can’t agree with the Democrats openly because they have to maintain the façade of a two-party divided government.

The “birth-control controversy” is a brilliant advertising campaign that tricks young women who don’t want to be pregnant into thinking that Wall Street’s products are their most-reliable strategy to avoid getting knocked up.

When advocates for women give up the fight to declare feminity a drug-requiring disease, there are many affordable health- and power-enhancing strategies for woman-controlled fertility-management that allow women to enjoy the full pleasures of having ownership of a human body. The cost to properly research fertility management would be a fraction of the nation’s present birth-control bill.

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